29 December 2016

27 December 2016

I posted a youtube video about my DIY Christmas Sewing Gifts/Ideas 2016. All are the collections of my sewing projects in the previous posts that I made and you will be able to see here the framed embroidery photo as well. You can view the youtube video here.

26 December 2016

25 December 2016

Ninth on the lists are clothes my children will wear. Both dresses are with matching cardigans. First dress is a "Marylin" dress, it is suppose to be peplum but I just made it simpler so it is just a gathered lower part of the dress and it is a short sleeves, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de, which I made it too big for her but we remedied it by putting a belt on it. Next is a Dress "Carol" and the last one is a Cardigan "Mary" a version 1 which is without lining and unfinished edges because I was in a hurry but I will eventually sew the edges later.  Both patterns are from www.pattydoo.de.

24 December 2016

Eight on the lists is a Dollie Mini Crossbody bag, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com. The exterior fabric is my favorite if you notice. It is an upholstery fabric because it is thick so no need to fuse a woven interfacing on it. I always like to combine it with a faux leather/simili. A bit easy to topstitch on the front bottom curve edge of the bag because not much thickness going on inside. For the shoulder strap I used a black webbing but not cotton and stitched a strip of the faux leather/simili on it to have a touch of the faux leather. The closure is a magnetic snap which is not seen on the photo.

23 December 2016

Sixth on the list but not a gift is a Scarf Neck Cardigan, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com. It is for my youngest daughter, instead of buying new clothes for them then I make it for them. First time to do scarf neck cardigan and it is easy to do after all, I thought it will be complicated. 

Seventh on the lists are two shirts but the other one is for hubby. It is a Shirt "Max", pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. I put grey yoke on both to not be too plain. 

22 December 2016

21 December 2016

Fifth from my lists is an embroidered photo. My first time to make it with 109,000 stitches which took me more or less 6 hours, I did half yesterday and finished the other half today. I ask a photo digitiser from etsy to convert it into a photo stitch the picture that I sent her through email. I was so excited the moment that I received the file that I used sewing threads not only that I used two layers of stiff paper like tear away stabiliser which I would say is prohibited because the time that I was embroidering it I was wondering why is it that I always experience threads to build-up above the needle part due to that threads are always breaking. At first I was thinking it might be that my machine needs cleaning which I did I even used vacuum because they say we shouldn't blow it in or else the lint will be pushed inside, I also change the bobbin threads into an embroidery bobbin threads and even change needles and still it was unsuccessful. And so I waited for Tuesday because berninabritte opens on Tuesday till Saturday, this is where I bought the embroidery threads that I needed. I still tried to continue embroidering but still no success maybe due to the fact that I used two layers of tear away stabiliser. From the time I used a newly hooped dotted tear away stabiliser and a new cut fabric then everything went smoothly. I took a photo every time I change thread color to see the progress along the way. All the time I was seated beside the machine because you never know when will it act up and that I don't want to happen. So now my waiting paid-off and I am happy with the embroidered photo. I have two choices of presenting this either I sew a pillow with ruffles on the sides or have it framed together with the printed photo in it and so hubby choose to have it framed then. I haven't bought a good frame and once I do I will post a photo after.

After finishing the embroidered photo, then I made this bag it is a gift of my youngest daughter for her friend from school as her birthday present. It is a small reversible "Milly" bag, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. With this bag I have to make it fast because today is the birthday celebration so I'm rushing it. All materials are from my stash, the exterior fabric is from Ikea.

As we, together with my eldest daughter were strolling in the city of Liege we came across a newly opened fabric store, the name of the store is "Royal Tissus" owned by Harcie, (she used to work in Eurotex Liege also a fabric store that closes already) located at Rue Gérardrie 25, 4000 Liege. So good to know that she opened her own store, now I have an additional store to buy fabrics. She have a facebook page Royal Tissus.

20 December 2016

19 December 2016

This is the fourth from my lists, a Chloe Wristlet Phone Case, pattern is from www.picklepiedesigns.com. Everything is stitched completely in the hoop of the embroidery machine (except for the last step which is a tiny bit of sewing needed and this will be tucked in inside the pocket) wherein I can personalise it with the monogram of my choice and you will notice there is a quilting stitches on it that makes it much nicer aside from the monogram. There is a little flap at the back with a snap closure on it and a back pocket. I am not in the mood of doing a strap so I opted to use a velvet ribbon instead, anyway I already attached my embroidery unit so I have to go on with it. All materials are from my stash and as for the interfacing/batting I used soft&stable and a tear away stabiliser on the hoop.

16 December 2016

16 December 2016

My third bag is a Strap Clutch, pattern is from www.michellepatterns.com. I made plenty of this bag in the past and I always include this as a gift. I even made two of these last Christmas for hubs nieces. I used ribbed velour as my exterior fabric and combined it with a fabric from Ikea as my flap and strap and a flowery design fabric for the lining and pocket. As for interfacing I used fusible fleece interfacing and an old fabric to be sandwich in-between fabrics. All are from my stash. 

15 December 2016

I am so sooo late to prepare for our Christmas gifts, I should have done it last month ago so now I am sooo rushing everything. To begin there is this large reversible Grocery Bag, pattern is from www.michellepatterns.com. I made this because I heard they will really totally remove the usage of plastics here so this is very useful and hopefully I haven't given this yet. Both fabrics are from Ikea. 

Second there is this Stow Away Shopping bag. Pattern is from www.liz-moments.blogspot.de. This is my first time to sew this bag and it is as easy as the first bag I made. This bag is foldable like a purse so you can neatly pack it inside your bag. Fabric is from Ikea, no lining and just used french seam.

13 December 2016

This bag is mean for my eldest daughter because she said she needs a gift for the one she picked at school and it is called "cacahuète, well I guess that is similar to us for monito/monita or in other words the one you will exchange gift with. This "Wendy" Tote is a reversible bag, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. It is the easiest and one of the firsts I made when I was just starting to sew. No interfacing just plain fabric. I embroidered the name of the recipient on two sides of the bag. Both sides of the fabrics are from Ikea. Oh and yes I almost forgot, I didn't notice that I lack fabric on the sides like it was 1" x 2" when I was cutting it and to remedy it I added fabric there and put some patches eventually that is why you will notice it on the picture.

05 December 2016

2 December 2016

Considering this is the first time I made this Rosie Crossbody Bag, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com, I love the end result of this bag! This bag is easy to sew and a light one. Although there are some interfacing being added to it like  fusible fleece interfacing and woven interfacing and yet still it is a light bag. This bag is being requested by my bestfriend but she won't receive it until January because she is 10K kms away so in due time she will use it.  All materials I used are from my stash like at Stoffenspektakle, Coton Urbain and Les Tissus Du Chien Vert that are for exterior fabric, lining and decorative strip on the flap.

30 November 2016

The moment I finish this Brooklyn Traveler Bag, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com, I fell in love with it. I may have difficulty sewing and figuring out how will I attach the side clip connector on the boxed top corner of the bag but I will still continue making it in the future. I use a newspaper fabric that I bought recently at Stoffenspektakle and I matched it with the brown faux leather that I have which was bought at Les Tissus du Chien Vert plus that lining which was been bought at Coton Urbain. I added another soft&stable at the back of the exterior fabric and eventually quilted it, so this bag have sturdiness to it. The lining is fused with a woven interfacing. 

Desktop Cube and Dollie Mini Crossbody

We were about to finish a two week spring break when hubby reminded me that our youngest daughter was invited to attend a birthday party of...