28 February 2016

28 February 2016

Since last year or 2, 3 years ago maybe (I lost count actually) I've been making a personalized gifts for my two daughters friends/classmates that invited them for their birthday party. And from then on I don't have a problem making a sewn gifts for the friends/classmates who invited them because most of the time they are female friends/classmates. Until now that a male classmate invited my youngest daughter for his birthday. Then I have to think of a better sewing pattern that is appropriate for a 7 year old boy. Then came this idea of a pocket appliqué softie from www.craftsy.com - a great gift for such age. I made the "in the hoop" embroidery some days before and today I continued constructing the shirt. I mixed it up with different color of jersey fabric to make it much more unique and a bit different actually. I made the sewn gift tag as well. For the shirts' pattern it is from www.pattydoo.de. I ask my daughter to wear the shirt for some seconds to have an idea of how it will look like when it is worn. 

23 February 2016

22 February 2016

It's been a year since I was so busy with a 40 pieces project and that was for an 18th birthday - "Bowie Phone Pouch." Pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. But this one is free since its a relative. Actually I started it way before that at least for the sample. They just told me the color choices and I went out to the store searching for that. I can make such order but I should be given a big time allowance for me to be able to do it and meet the deadline, I work alone. And in this case it was like a factory kind of work, silver bow first, then the colored fabric in the center of the bow then the body of the pouch, the ribbon and etc. I was able to meet the deadline of course and I sent it through DHL which is a bit pricey but rest assured it will be reaching the destination on time. It took me sometime to be able to finish it since I was gathering all the necessary materials and the right color of ribbon matching the fabric color as well. I used metal thread for the embroidery so that it looks sophisticated, first time to use such thread and encounter some problems along the way, as you can see from the pictures here. Once everything was finish I felt the relief of sigh! Never thought I would be able to accomplish such project. 

20 February 2016

19 February 2016

I took a few months membership at www.creativebug.com and most of the time I am always going for bag classes. And they have "each month you subscribe you earn 1 credit to save classes to your library - yours to keep forever, regardless of subscription status". One of the class I saved is the Travel Kit! A small and cute bag. I made this as a gift for my daughters' classmate. There is a hand sewing at the end of the bag construction which I am not good at :-( . I use the green fabric where I bought it from Stoffenspektakel 2 years ago, the bottom fabric which looks like a burlap fabric was bought at Rue Feronstree, as for the lining it's bought from Veritas long time ago. As for other materials like interfacing I use a woven and fleece interfacings plus zipper and cotton webbing handle. Anyway thanks for dropping by and do always visit! 

15 February 2016

14 February 2016

A request from my eldest daughter - Blanche Barrel Bag, pattern from www.swoonpatterns.com, it is in medium size. I didn't use metal bag accessories here, mainly ikea fabric and the lining from Veritas store I bought long time ago and also bag strap inside the ikea fabric strap to make it sturdier plus woven interfacing, soft and stable, zippers and pipings. First time to sew a barrel bag so it's a bit difficult to manipulate but as I said every sewn bags that I make its a learning lesson and I try to modify it according to my own comfortability in sewing. I cannot perfect it whenever I sew piping on bags, still have to sew more with pipings and zippers. I will sew a smaller version of Blanche Barrel Bag for my youngest daughter next time, I cut fabrics already so I should start soon - good thing I only have two daughters or else... After sewing one more I'm hoping I can make a difference on the third one and put it up on my shop, so do always watch out for that, ok? Thanks for passing by!

12 February 2016

10 February 2016

I found this pattern at craftsy and fell in love with it. Pattern is from www.homespun-threads.com - Maddie Handbag! To tell you honestly I do not know what kind of fabrics that I chose but I always go for the design and how it looks like. Bought both fabrics at Rue Feronstree - Eurotex Tissus and as for the ribbons I have it from my stash from last year. As for the interlining I used Decovil on both exterior and lining fabrics that is why the bag stands well. Watch out for this bag in my shop soon.

05 February 2016

5 February 2016

Ah finally, I was able to finish this early morning the ID wallet that I've been wanting to have. Pattern is from www.uniquelymichelle.com - The Kristine ID Wallet. And as always I will encounter mistakes which is always the case in all my sewing projects but that is quite ok because from there you learn from it. Soon I will put ID wallet on the shop, so watch out for that.

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