31 January 2016

31 January 2016

It was last year of April that I made this bag for me -- my everyday bag actually! Pattern is from www.chriswdesigns.com--The Lombard Street Bag.


But now it's awful, but don't worry I have maximized its usage. It is not that I don't like it anymore, well I do love it and to tell you honestly since then I didn't change bag, in other words I was loyal to it until now... 

And so I have reason to change it into a new one, that is nice for a person who knows how to sew, instead of buying a new bag, well I will just have to look for a new pattern, buy fabric and sew. And here is my new bag. Pattern is from www.emmalinebags.com--The Manhattan Bag.  I used faux leather here, have difficulty manipulating it especially on the flap part and of course I can only finger press it and not iron. For this one I didn't use metal bag accessories just magnetic snaps because I don't have rectangle ring nor strap slider metal with me. I'm hoping that this one will last for a year, let's see what will happen by then.


Unknown said...

Its a nice bag for a person always on the go.

Eric Dodémont said...

Thank you, Christine! -- Cindy

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