31 March 2017

Epiphany Bag

30 March 2017

When I saw this contest going on at Instagram, I said why not join. And so bought the pattern Epiphany Bag, pattern is from www.chriswdesigns.com. I also bought the supplementary pocket thinking that I might use it as well but since this is the first time that I made the bag so I will do it for the next Epiphany Bag then. I am somewhat nervous to make this as if there is no room for mistake because this is the first time that I join a bag sewing contest so have to make the best effort that I can. So lots of dilemma of which fabric goes well that there should be the "wow" factor effect but then I just stick with what I am comfortable in combining and also what are the materials available on hand. I always like to combine it with the faux leather and fabric. For the few first steps I was happy with how I've sewn it but when I arrive to the step where I have to join the exterior gussets with the body that is where it all begun -- difficulty! The thickness that is going on there is just hard but manage to be able to finish it even if there are some as always imperfections, I guess that cannot be avoided after all. 

25 March 2017

Drawstring Backpack

25 March 2017

Normally if my daughters' are invited for a birthday party, it is usually a week or two before they give invitations. So for this one I have to think and prepare the fastest gift that I can think of, so I came up with the gift that we gave recently to a classmate and that is a Drawstring Backpack, pattern is from www.sewcanshe.com. I used all the materials I have on hand that is why I love reserving fabrics, interfacings and other notions that I would be needing in the future. 

24 March 2017

Orchid Waist Bag

24 March 2017

I have been wanting to sew this but I do not have inspiration on how I will do it according to the available materials I have. Now I have inspiration and motivation, voila! My Orchid Waist Bag, pattern is from www.bluecallapatterns.com. All materials are coming from my stash like, decorative exterior fabric from Stoffenspektakle, green chevron faux leather from Les Tissus du Chien Vert, lining from Coton Urbain, hardware/webbing from Veritas, Muikemies, eBay. I interfaced all lining fabric, and used webbing for the belt part but sewn faux leather on it. 

16 March 2017

Clematis Wristlet

16 March 2017

A Clematis Wristlet, pattern is from www.bluecallapatterns.com. I would like to win fabric and hardware and this is my first project to join in. But then with all the women or maybe men who knows how to sew around the world that can join, who am I to be picked as a lucky one? Let's crossed our fingers then if not better luck next time as always. I made two wristlets with different combination of fabrics and faux leather/simili that are all coming from my stash. I will eventually sell these wristlets at etsy or maybe at ebay, so watch out for that!

11 March 2017

Hoodie/Kapuzenpullover Lynn

11 March 2017

A Hoodie or Kapuzenpullover Lynn, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. I do not remember when I cut this fluffy fabric but most probably two months ago, yeah that long. This is also one of the pending projects that I would have done last December. In this case, I got disappointed because its fluffy and by being fluffy fabric it is indeed hard to sew, there will be shifting going on due to the fluffiness. And yes this hoodie have lots of imperfections well I do always have that in all my projects. But I am happy I was able to pull through with this project so that is quite ok now. If ever I will sew this again I would maybe choose a fleece or a jersey. 

06 March 2017

Lamise Pleated Pants

5 March 2017

A "Lamise" Pleated Pants/Bundfaltenhose, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. I have printed this pattern long time ago, well actually it was meant for Christmas 2016 and of course that did not happen. I was mainly prioritizing my family's clothing rather than myself and that I lack time as well, my fault also. Anyway, now it did happen yessss! I took the biggest size ever on the pattern and then I analyze it with the existing pants that I have (which is already worn out, as in, actually it is already ruined on the inside leg area due to rubbing of my inner thighs while walking). I went to two sizes smaller basing on the pants that I still have. And when I was cutting the fabric this morning then I realized that it is indeed pleated that is why it is much bigger on the upper area of the pants pattern compare to the existing pants. First time to make pants for myself, so I am quite hesitant to do it because I might get disappointed unlike when I am doing bags it is quite okay if I made some mistakes or imperfections it can be given away and they would still appreciate it never can tell the difference but if its a pants who can I give that to, nowadays people are more fashion conscious, a different feeling actually between pants/clothings and bags. Not that I am bragging but this pants was easy to do aside from the help of the youtube video pattydoo posted. I use serger and then sew it with the sewing machine to secure the stitches and to be neater inside the pants. I have not finished the hem because I do not know yet if I will make it exactly my length or to have it folded. I was surprised to find out that it did fit me but not pleased with my body figure which I have been ignoring most of the time. The pants looks good but the pleats don't go along with me because having a big body figure, pleats should be eliminated in my case. Next time I will try disassembling or seam ripping my existing pants and remake such size and also to try loosing weight maybe I will be much more happier with the result of the pants that I will create. :-)

04 March 2017

Bionic Gear Bag

4 March 2017

Cut my fabric early morning of Thursday and only yesterday I just started sewing this bionic gear bag and finished today, pattern is from www.bionicgearbag.com. I had difficulty sewing on the part where I have to attach the the zip pockets into the side panel pleats and the suppose to be bias binding but I replaced it with a faux leather or simili. It may seem perfect on the picture but in reality there are a lot of imperfections, if you look closely. Actually I was trying to pair this up with my everyday bag, but it seems like it is too big, not the bag I imagined to be inside and easily accessible. Maybe I will do something else later that would be appropriately fitting inside my everyday bag. But in all honesty  I like the outcome though. Bionic gear bag can be used for a lot of stuff, like pencil case, gadget bag, sewing stuff bag or quilting and etc, so it is very useful that is why I choose this one.

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