09 June 2016

27 May 2016

A dress project for my eldest daughter for her to wear on Saturday (28 May) it is their school feast, (and oh the other girl here on the photo is my youngest daughter but I didn't make her dress, how I wish I did :-).) And so the teacher required her or them to wear black dress, but the thing is I have few blacks or better yet not literally all black fabrics and this one that I've sewn for her is the best choice. Anyway it will be worn one time only and at the same time I am on a thrifty mode then I didn't opted to buy new fabrics but it seems like her teacher wasn't happy with the choice I made for her. Oh well, next time I will buy what is being asked even if I am on thrifty mode! Fabrics are from my stash, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de - Marylin, it is a peplum but I made it as a dress and added a belt sash. I used black fabric for the peter pan collar and belt sash because I have some as left over just to have a touch of black.

01 June 2016

17 May 2016

Finally I finished this diamond strings pillow from craftsy by Maureen Cracknell. I am supposed to do two pillows for my two daughters its just that I have to prioritize other stuff for the moment but in no time I will do start and finish the other pillow as well. I am not good in fabric combination, whenever I sew I just mix up fabrics that I like thats why the result is like this. I made a free motion quilting for the first time at the back part of this pillow and since I am not so proud of it because I just made it "n'importe quoi" as my children will say it in french meaning whatever. Whenever I see quilters do free motion quilting I always thought it is so damn easy, but when I tried it oh my goodness it is not so easy as it seems. Fabrics are from stash - stoffenspektakel, chamick and veritas, also used cotton batting and ready made bias tape. 

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