16 December 2016

15 December 2016

I am so sooo late to prepare for our Christmas gifts, I should have done it last month ago so now I am sooo rushing everything. To begin there is this large reversible Grocery Bag, pattern is from www.michellepatterns.com. I made this because I heard they will really totally remove the usage of plastics here so this is very useful and hopefully I haven't given this yet. Both fabrics are from Ikea. 

Second there is this Stow Away Shopping bag. Pattern is from www.liz-moments.blogspot.de. This is my first time to sew this bag and it is as easy as the first bag I made. This bag is foldable like a purse so you can neatly pack it inside your bag. Fabric is from Ikea, no lining and just used french seam.

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