29 May 2017

Jerseykleid/Jersey Dress "Mira"

21 May 2017

A Jerseykleid Mira, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. It is not that I am bragging but compare to sewing clothes with bags, clothes are much easier to sew. I made this dress for my eldest daughter for her "Profession de Foi"/Grand Communion last 21 May.  The last photo (with her sister) is what she wears in the ceremony. It is my daughter who chose this pattern. Bought the fabric at www.cotonurbain.be and it is a bit pricier because its an organic fabric. The brown fabric is bought at stoffenspektakel recently.

02 May 2017

Warren the Charity Bear

1 May 2017

I've been meaning to make an embroidered photo of us for my youngest daughter and yes I came out with a great idea. This is Warren the Charity Bear, pattern is from www.shinyhappyworld.com of Wendi Gratz. Normally this bear is a bit small but I made it a little bit bigger so that the embroidered photo will fit on his tummy. And since my daughter is going to sleep for the first time somewhere for two nights then this will come in handy. I use felt fabric for the nose/eyes and simple flowery fabric for the heart and muzzle of the bear. 

Lilium Laptop Bag

24 April 2017

A Lilium Laptop Bag, pattern is from www. sewsweetness.com. I should have done this four months ago meant to be used by my eldest daughter for her elocution because she needs a good cushioned bag for her laptop when she will bring it to school just to present slides for her report together with a classmate. It is hard for me to construct this bag because of all the thickness going on inside, well mainly with the presence of the foam inside already but the rest it was ok. Even with the difficulties that I encounter this is already my third laptop bag would you believe. What matters is how will it look like at the end. 

Nickita Bag

19 April 2017

A gift for one of the classmate of my youngest daughter, and yes it's a boy. I always have a lot of ideas if it is for a girl but lost idea if it is for a boy. But good thing I came up with this pencil case idea named "Nickita Bag" of Joan Hawley, that I got from www.craftsy.com class, actually you can use this with a lot of things.  I added name on the handle to make it personalised and also I just put a scrap fabric to tie it and to no longer wrap.  

Desktop Cube and Dollie Mini Crossbody

We were about to finish a two week spring break when hubby reminded me that our youngest daughter was invited to attend a birthday party of...