03 May 2019

Desktop Cube and Dollie Mini Crossbody

We were about to finish a two week spring break when hubby reminded me that our youngest daughter was invited to attend a birthday party of one of her classmate and so I thought of doing something that would be easy for me to make in a short period of time without making a mistake, so I came up with a Desktop Cube one of the minikins  season one of www.sewsweetness.com in medium size.

The next project is Dollie Mini Crossbody of www.swoonpatterns.com which is not the first time for me to make, this is actually my second time. By the way this is free pattern on her website. And even if it is second time around and with deadline to meet I made some mistakes along the way. But I was able to pull through with it. And one more thing note to self don't use hard exterior fabric/vinyl/cork fabrics because it will be hard to turn it inside out after and it will be too thick to topstitch it, so I opted to not topstitch after all or else my machine will be complaining. Oh and yes, I was not able to embroider again for the personalised name it is actually became hidden inside the back pocket (I mixed up the part for the pocket to the back part of the bags fabric) because I sewed in the evening and when I embroider it will be too noisy.

Elegant Machine Embroidery Bags - Medallion

We bought a denim small backpack for my youngest daughter and she requested to have it embroidered on the flap at least. And so the first thing that came to my mind was the class of Amanda Murphy on www.craftsy.com now Bluprint - Elegant Machine Embroidery Bags - Medallion. It is easy to hoop since it is a soft denim bag and I used a paste to stick it on the stabiliser instead of hooping it as well.

HBCupcake Door Hanger

I did an embroidered in the hoop project for my eldest daughter's birthday and so I used HBCupcake Door Hanger in the hoop of www.sueoverydesigns.com which is by the way a free pattern on her website. And so I surprised her by hanging it in her bedroom door before she came back home from school.

02 May 2019

Lamise Pleated Pants

Since I am sewing my own pants and so it is time to replace it with a new one, this time I used a black denim fabric. It is a Lamise Pleated Pants of www.pattydoo.de. I was in a hurry to finish this so I ended up breaking two needles from my serger and had unfinished edges after that. Everything is ok for the pants until you will look at the wrong side of the pants then you will see the fraying edges. But it's ok I was able to finish the pants, and was able to use it even if with fraying edges. :-)

Carter Messenger Handbag

This bag I made is a bit special, why because the planning took me some days and the result was not as I would have expect it to be. Anyway, the important thing is I was able to make it happen and learn how to modify it more for next time. So I embroidered/applique the Sewing Girls of www.abitofstitch.com first on a denim/jean fabric and since it is a first time to do this then I miscalculated the size of the fabric I was suppose to use and you can see that from the photo here. For some days that I have been using the bag I finally realised that I should have cut a bit of the flap so that the embroidered "head" are not cut like these. The pattern of the bag by the way is Carter Messenger Handbag of www.swoonpatterns.com it was a Carried Away Pattern Collective 2018.

Casey Kosmetiktasche

Since I had my fabric mesh now, it is time for me to make this Casey Kosmetiktasche of www.pattydoo.de. At fist I had difficulty choosing the fabric or faux leather to use but I ended up using cork fabric as my exterior and the rest fabric plus this mesh fabric which is a first time for me to use.

Metro Double-Zip Pouch

I tried joining a contest but unfortunately I didn't won but that is ok anyway I was able to sew so no problem with that. I sew a Metro Double-Zip Pouches, it is one of her minikins season two of www.sewsweetness.com, I made three sizes but as always I somewhat committed a "crime" and that is using too thick fabric for the smaller size. So I finished up the smaller one the next day and you can see it from the photos the mistakes that I made.

Desktop Cube and Dollie Mini Crossbody

We were about to finish a two week spring break when hubby reminded me that our youngest daughter was invited to attend a birthday party of...