02 May 2019

Carter Messenger Handbag

This bag I made is a bit special, why because the planning took me some days and the result was not as I would have expect it to be. Anyway, the important thing is I was able to make it happen and learn how to modify it more for next time. So I embroidered/applique the Sewing Girls of www.abitofstitch.com first on a denim/jean fabric and since it is a first time to do this then I miscalculated the size of the fabric I was suppose to use and you can see that from the photo here. For some days that I have been using the bag I finally realised that I should have cut a bit of the flap so that the embroidered "head" are not cut like these. The pattern of the bag by the way is Carter Messenger Handbag of www.swoonpatterns.com it was a Carried Away Pattern Collective 2018.

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