25 April 2016

24 April 2016

I made this bag as a gift for my youngest daughters classmate - "Kids Milly". Pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. It is easy to make and there are two sizes and it is reversible too, one for adult and another one for kids and I make the kids one. I used fabric from Ikea and the other I bought long time ago at stoffenspektakle.

21 April 2016

I made again a Linked in to Style Purse, pattern by www.gardenofdaisies.com of www.oregonpatchworks.com. This time I didn't use the usual bag handle instead I made a strap out of the faux leather that I bought at Les Tissus Du Chien Vert. I used the previous lining that I had but not the second lining - beige cream colour, which you can see through from the light blue lining. I did the same method as the first purse. Next time I will have to increase the width of the upper band so that it will be easy to fold and to sew. This faux leather is easy to manipulate not "sticking" on my zigzag foot and I used an orange rusty colour of thread, it blends well on the colour of the faux leather. I am loving this bag even though it takes a lot of effort, I will be making this again!

18 April 2016

16 April 2016

My youngest daughter is again invited to her classmates birthday. And this is what I made as a gift for her. It is a ruffled tote, well you can mistake it for a girls skirt thats for sure. I got this pattern from www.makeit-loveit.com. I didn't put any interfacing just plain fabric. The bags fabric is from Ikea, exterior and lining plus handle. And then as for the ruffles it is a white jersey fabric. I didn't notice that the handles are quite long so I remedied it by putting snap buttons on the top portion of the handles. 

12 April 2016

12 April 2016

Another bag construction today! A gift for a boy classmate of my youngest daughter for tomorrow- yup I made it up to the last moment :-).  At first I was planning to make a shirt for a 7 year old boy just like what I did the last time but this time I was thinking an embroidered crown with his name on it. And then up to the last minute I change it into a bag, in this case it's a lunchbag, pattern from www.pattydoo.de, and as a "wrapper" it is a gift bag from 2strings, an indie pattern designer from www.craftsy.com. All fabrics are from my stash, I'll start from the lunchbag first - the exterior fabric is a typical blue jeans and then the lining is a laminated fabric I bought from stoffenspektakle. As for the gift bag, it is a striped stiff blue and white jeans and as for the lining my typical dotted fabric which I bought it long time ago at Veritas store.

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