22 December 2016

21 December 2016

Fifth from my lists is an embroidered photo. My first time to make it with 109,000 stitches which took me more or less 6 hours, I did half yesterday and finished the other half today. I ask a photo digitiser from etsy to convert it into a photo stitch the picture that I sent her through email. I was so excited the moment that I received the file that I used sewing threads not only that I used two layers of stiff paper like tear away stabiliser which I would say is prohibited because the time that I was embroidering it I was wondering why is it that I always experience threads to build-up above the needle part due to that threads are always breaking. At first I was thinking it might be that my machine needs cleaning which I did I even used vacuum because they say we shouldn't blow it in or else the lint will be pushed inside, I also change the bobbin threads into an embroidery bobbin threads and even change needles and still it was unsuccessful. And so I waited for Tuesday because berninabritte opens on Tuesday till Saturday, this is where I bought the embroidery threads that I needed. I still tried to continue embroidering but still no success maybe due to the fact that I used two layers of tear away stabiliser. From the time I used a newly hooped dotted tear away stabiliser and a new cut fabric then everything went smoothly. I took a photo every time I change thread color to see the progress along the way. All the time I was seated beside the machine because you never know when will it act up and that I don't want to happen. So now my waiting paid-off and I am happy with the embroidered photo. I have two choices of presenting this either I sew a pillow with ruffles on the sides or have it framed together with the printed photo in it and so hubby choose to have it framed then. I haven't bought a good frame and once I do I will post a photo after.

After finishing the embroidered photo, then I made this bag it is a gift of my youngest daughter for her friend from school as her birthday present. It is a small reversible "Milly" bag, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. With this bag I have to make it fast because today is the birthday celebration so I'm rushing it. All materials are from my stash, the exterior fabric is from Ikea.

As we, together with my eldest daughter were strolling in the city of Liege we came across a newly opened fabric store, the name of the store is "Royal Tissus" owned by Harcie, (she used to work in Eurotex Liege also a fabric store that closes already) located at Rue Gérardrie 25, 4000 Liege. So good to know that she opened her own store, now I have an additional store to buy fabrics. She have a facebook page Royal Tissus.

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