30 September 2016

29 September 2016

A bobbin hack I made last night, I've seen it from www.sewsweetness.com, anyway it does makes a difference just by using this ("tuyau" in french) transparent pipe I bought at Bricolage for a meter, size is 14cm I think. I cut it and now my bobbins are all in good order, no more unraveling and I arranged it by color.

28 September 2016

Another Blanche Barrel Bag, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com.  Making this bag is a bit tricky as always especially attaching and sewing the side panels of the bag. It took me a lot of seam ripping - sewing - seam ripping - sewing for the side panels because most of the time the stitches is seen outside or the piping is not properly sewn so mainly that takes a lot of effort to do but once I'm done with the bag then it is an achievement, yes!

Exterior fabric is bought from stoffenspektakel, the faux leather is from le chien vert and the lining is from coton urbain. Rivets, D rings, zippers, soft and stable are bought from Veritas store and muikemies, threads are from www.berninabritte.be. 

23 September 2016

23 September 2016

A Blanche Barrel Bag for my cousin, this is the 3rd one in the list of 5, yes!!! This bag is the  small version 2 pattern of www.swoonpatterns.com. Making this bag requires a lot of maneuvering, squishing and sometimes seam ripping. I like the version 2 better because I was able to add faux leather and also a tassel, thanks to PileOFabric for her video on youtube -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gxDzJDCE64, this helps a lot.

The fabric that I used is my recent buying at stoffelspektakel, the faux leather is from Les Tissus du Chien Vert at Hognoul, D ring and soft&stable are from Muikemies, other accessories like rivets, snap hook, zippers, bias tape, woven interfacing and cords are from Veritas Store, lining fabric is from Coton Urbain. I am happy with the result of the bag so maybe I might be doing it again for the other fabrics I bought at Stoffenspektakel/Marché du Tissu/Fabric Fair.

18 September 2016

I will never get tired of going to Stoffenspektakel/Marché du Tissu or Fabric fair. Just recently I bought fabrics there at Halle des Foires, Liege. Hubby told me to only spend less €30 but since going to fabric fair is a paradise for me so I got tempted to buy much more. I always buy the usual stuff that I could not find in stores here. Bought some sewing machine needles -- embroidery, metallic and quilting needles and then 4 different fabrics 1 meter each, right now I already have an idea which bag pattern will I use it for.

18 September 2016

16 September 2016

A cousin of mine ordered 5 custom made bags, so far I only made 2 of it. First, a strap clutch pattern is from www.michellepatters.com. I used Ikea fabric for the exterior flap and strap, the brown corduroy with embroidered flower plus sequins as for the exterior body of the clutch, then for the lining it is a peach flowered fabric, all I had it from my stash. As for the interfacing I used fusible fleece and fusible woven as my interfacings. There is also a multi colored button on the end of the strap that serves as a design and a velcro as a closure. 

The second bag is a travel kit from www.creativebug.com. I used a flowery fabric as top exterior which has been bought from stoffenspektakle, the bottom part of the bag is a burlap fabric, lining is a cream graph lines. All exterior fabric i fused it with fleece and woven interfacing and then for the lining it is only woven interfacing. Handles is a white cotton webbing. As for this bag, I am not sure if it is ok to sell. Thanks for dropping by.

08 September 2016

3 September 2016

I made a lower priced "Colorful Patchwork bag" which featured in craftsy.com. It was a difficult situation for me since it was Hubby who did the talking with our hairdresser since I don't converse so much in french, I may understand it but thats it. And so I came up with this bag, different fabrics come from my stash as always, interfacings are fusible fleece and fusible woven. Lining on front pocket is the usual beige burlap fabric which I fused it with a woven interfacing, same with the handle as well. I used green flowery fabric as my main lining and fused it with a fleece interfacing. Normally I would use soft&stable by annie as an interfacing/stabilizer but it is a bit pricey compare to a fleece interfacing and same for the squared fabrics I used previously which are precut fabrics from a quilting store at Stoffenspaktakle. I just hope that the one who bought it likes the fabric choices that I made. Thank you and keep on passing by.

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