20 May 2016

19 May 2016

After gathering all the necessary materials that I needed, some are already in my stash some needs ordering online. I was able to finish this bag that I've been dying to make since I bought the class. Its Colorful Patchwork Bags and Baskets from craftsy.com by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield. Normally I would use the gridded interfacing, its just that where I am located it is by centimeters and not in inches so I opted to not buy it and instead do it the usual way and that is to piece it but I did use a woven interfacing at the back. I am no expert when it comes to quilting I am just beginning to learn and enjoy. And since I am into bags, I will do and try out new things. Front part of the bag and the inside there are pockets, the bag is lined with soft&stable by annie, the closure is magnetic snaps. I ask craftsy and Caroline if it is ok to sell sewn projects that I made from this class and they said yes. So you will see this bag at etsy

18 May 2016

18 May 2016

I made a tote bag today. It is a reversible tote bag wendy, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de. I included two big pockets in front and since it is reversible, it can be an inside pockets as well. Front fabric are cartoons where the pockets are located and the other side are word puzzles.I bought these fabrics at Les Tissus du Chien Vert, in Hognoul. I didn't use any interfacing just plain fabrics. I ask my 11 yr. old daughter to model for me. This is available now at etsy.

07 May 2016

7 May 2016

I am selling three bags at etsy! For now I am selling first here in Belgium to be able to start and then if everything goes well then I will broaden my location to different parts of the world. So watch out for that please! Thank you! Dodebag at Etsy! Linked In To Style Bag, Maddie Handbag and Reversible Tote Bag are the names of the bags listed at Etsy!

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