26 February 2017

Sadie Expandable Bag

24 February 2017

Finally made my yearly bag, A Sadie Expandable Bag, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com. It's been three years in a row that I've been doing this and I love this third bag of mine, well its the latest that is why. I love the previous bags of course I wouldn't have chosen it in the first place if I haven't. I got the guts to buy fabrics (well been collecting again) and the perfect zipper for this and found those at Coton Urbain store. I always go for a crossbody bag so that I am free to use my hands whenever I am on the move. Normally the straps of this bag is only for shoulder but I made it longer and did not use hardware but magnetic snaps and zipper. I just use cotton webbing as my strap plus added faux leather to pair it with the flap and accents.

Previous bags of last year January 2016, it is a Manhattan Bag, pattern is from www.emmalinebags.com. And also a year before that April 2015, it is Lombard Street Bag, pattern is from www.chriswdesigns.com.

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