24 February 2017

Fabric and zipper haul

23 February 2017

For two days I am into fabric buying but this time I bought it at Coton Urbain. I like buying there, lots of nice fabrics to choose from, it is like a paradise for me. Well regardless if it is higher price or not when it comes to fabrics, sewing notions or other related sewing stuff it will always be a heaven or paradise for me. I have been wanting to change my yearly "everyday" bag so this is the best time to have a look around. At first I choose two different fabrics for my eldest daughters project and then I love the zippers which are a little bit bigger zipper pulls so I went back the next day to buy some more fabrics and yes zippers. I will come back there soon but right now I have to make use of these first and perhaps sell bags. Zippers are mostly YKK, Japan made and the green one from France. Fabric from top and second are seven berry--Japan as well, second and fourth are Belgian designers Soft Cactus and the two bottom ones are from Japan also and its Cosmo Textile Company. I got to talk with the owner of the store, her name is Aline, she's accommodating and even showed me what she made as a skirt from a French designer, was it Aime Comme Marie, hmmm now I am no longer sure if it was that though. Fabric and zipper haul video here.

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