26 February 2017

Kristine ID Wallet

26 February 2017

A Kristine ID Wallet, pattern is from www.uniquelymichelle.com. This is my second time that I am doing such wallet. I love this wallet mainly because of the ID window in it and also I got used to it everyday so why not do it again but different fabric and partner it with my everyday bag as well. So when I made the "window" part of the wallet I use faux leather in it at first I tried doing it like how I would for a fabric but since faux leather will create thickness in it so I opted to cut it and have it just exactly the same size as I would in a fabric so that makes it one layer no folding needed. The flap also have a touch of faux leather in it. I removed ring loop because it won't be needed anyway. I used a little bit thicker fabric so that I won't use interfacing and by doing that it will not be difficult to turn it inside out at the end. I used woven interfacing for the lining fabric. Compare to the previous wallet (in red) there is no stiffness in it regretting that I would have use Decovil light anyway. But this will just be used for a year so that is ok just next time I will go for the heavy interfacing even if it might be difficult at the end -- turning it inside out! 

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