27 November 2016

24 November 2016

Ah, finally now everything that my cousin asks are finish! Whewww it took some months before everything is done. And now I have to add some freebies, shhhh be quiet, actually she doesn't know of the contents of my freebies for her. Anyway, as always its hard to sew on the thickness of all the fabric, faux leather, soft&stable and interfacings that will pass on my sewing machine, I am just scared it my break my machine although I change a lot of needles due to well breaking.

This Lilium Laptop Bag is just the same as the previous one that I made, I would say they are sisters, they differ in the faux leather and thread colour, and also this is the time I made the shoulder pads for both which I would say I am not good at bias binding. These bag and shoulder pads are both pattern of www.sewsweetness.com

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