24 October 2016

22 October 2016

I cut fabrics, soft & stable, woven interfacings and iron it all to the lining fabrics for Lilium laptop bag, pattern is from www.sewsweetness.com, almost two weeks ago until I noticed that I should have a 1/2" foam which I ordered at that time and that it arrived last Friday, thankfully. Actually this bag is the fourth one which my cousin requested. Thinking that this one will be much more easier than a Blanche Barrel bag, oh my I'm wrong because of all the thickness in it that is why it makes it much more difficult to manipulate to sew,  but when you see the outcome oh yes that is -- happiness!

The exterior fabric is an Ikea fabric - Tigeröga is the name, lining is a burlap fabric which I added woven interfacing on it that I bought it from Rue Feronstree at Eurotex Liege which by the way the store is closed now (so sad)! Zippers, magnetic snap and woven interfacing were bought from Veritas store, soft&stable and metal slider at www.muikemies.be, metal rectangle at www.stoffe.de, 1/2" foam is through ebay and faux leather at Les Chien Tissus Vert.

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