27 November 2016

27 November 2016

My third Blanche Barrel Bag, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com. As always I have difficulty sewing the side panels of the bag due to the thickness going on in there and so some piping stitches are showing, and so I have to resew it plenty of times. And by doing that I have to increase the seam allowance of the lining because it appears to be much more bigger than the exterior fabric. So hopefully this will have a new owner soon now that Christmas if fast approaching. 

Exterior fabric has been bought at Stoffenspektakle, faux leather is at Tissus du Chien Vert, lining is from Coton Urbain, soft&stable and D rings are at Muikemies, fusible interfacing, rivets, zippers, bias tape, swivel clasp and cords are at Chamick/Veritas. I used embroidery thread to topstitch the faux leather and used triple stretch stitch here and added a tassel to be much more fancier.

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