02 February 2016

2 February 2016

I know this is a bit late but still, I would like to share it with you. Last christmas I made a DIY Christmas (Sewing) Gifts/Ideas 2015 video and I posted it on youtube. Although I've been giving gifts handmade in the past christmases, this is the time that I really made it much more even for our clothes to wear I made it myself, well almost. Patterns are from www.michellepatterns.com for the strap clutch, www.pattydoo.de for the cosmetic/toiletry bag, infinity scarf, striped blue and brown shirts, striped red sweatshirt and dress with heart pocket, www.craftsy.com for the table runner and dress with purple ribbon.

I just finished a reversible tote bag - Wendy, pattern is from www.pattydoo.de, fabrics are from Ikea namely Gullvi/Sofia. I usually use such fabric because there is a strength on it and love the design. I will soon post this on the shop.

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