28 February 2016

28 February 2016

Since last year or 2, 3 years ago maybe (I lost count actually) I've been making a personalized gifts for my two daughters friends/classmates that invited them for their birthday party. And from then on I don't have a problem making a sewn gifts for the friends/classmates who invited them because most of the time they are female friends/classmates. Until now that a male classmate invited my youngest daughter for his birthday. Then I have to think of a better sewing pattern that is appropriate for a 7 year old boy. Then came this idea of a pocket appliqué softie from www.craftsy.com - a great gift for such age. I made the "in the hoop" embroidery some days before and today I continued constructing the shirt. I mixed it up with different color of jersey fabric to make it much more unique and a bit different actually. I made the sewn gift tag as well. For the shirts' pattern it is from www.pattydoo.de. I ask my daughter to wear the shirt for some seconds to have an idea of how it will look like when it is worn. 

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