31 January 2016

29 January 2016

I bought these long time ago, one at Rue Feronstree (Chamick store--for the beige color) and the other one at Hognoul, Awans (Le Chien Vert store--for the drawn women design). I've sewn a bag for the drawn women design and I gift it to somebody else, randomly. Pattern is from www.pattydoo.de -- Wendy. She have lots of videos on youtube and even if its in german, (well most of it are in english now) it's easy to follow. 


The beige faux leather is a bit soft and it sticks to my machine that is why I do not have a regular stitching as you can see here (which I hate that), although I used my teflon foot, maybe if I would have used a roller foot (which I don't own yet) and put a fabric underneath wherein it won't touch my feed dog maybe it would make a difference. I've only experimented using faux leather on tote bags--simple and easy to manipulate. Anyway, I have other plans in the future for the faux leather aside from totes. Who knows, maybe tomorrow?! :-)

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