Saturday, March 04, 2017

Bionic Gear Bag

4 March 2017

Cut my fabric early morning of Thursday and only yesterday I just started sewing this bionic gear bag and finished today, pattern is from I had difficulty sewing on the part where I have to attach the the zip pockets into the side panel pleats and the suppose to be bias binding but I replaced it with a faux leather or simili. It may seem perfect on the picture but in reality there are a lot of imperfections, if you look closely. Actually I was trying to pair this up with my everyday bag, but it seems like it is too big, not the bag I imagined to be inside and easily accessible. Maybe I will do something else later that would be appropriately fitting inside my everyday bag. But in all honesty  I like the outcome though. Bionic gear bag can be used for a lot of stuff, like pencil case, gadget bag, sewing stuff bag or quilting and etc, so it is very useful that is why I choose this one.

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