31 March 2017

Epiphany Bag

30 March 2017

When I saw this contest going on at Instagram, I said why not join. And so bought the pattern Epiphany Bag, pattern is from www.chriswdesigns.com. I also bought the supplementary pocket thinking that I might use it as well but since this is the first time that I made the bag so I will do it for the next Epiphany Bag then. I am somewhat nervous to make this as if there is no room for mistake because this is the first time that I join a bag sewing contest so have to make the best effort that I can. So lots of dilemma of which fabric goes well that there should be the "wow" factor effect but then I just stick with what I am comfortable in combining and also what are the materials available on hand. I always like to combine it with the faux leather and fabric. For the few first steps I was happy with how I've sewn it but when I arrive to the step where I have to join the exterior gussets with the body that is where it all begun -- difficulty! The thickness that is going on there is just hard but manage to be able to finish it even if there are some as always imperfections, I guess that cannot be avoided after all. 

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