Friday, December 16, 2016

13 December 2016

This bag is mean for my eldest daughter because she said she needs a gift for the one she picked at school and it is called "cacahuète, well I guess that is similar to us for monito/monita or in other words the one you will exchange gift with. This "Wendy" Tote is a reversible bag, pattern is from It is the easiest and one of the firsts I made when I was just starting to sew. No interfacing just plain fabric. I embroidered the name of the recipient on two sides of the bag. Both sides of the fabrics are from Ikea. Oh and yes I almost forgot, I didn't notice that I lack fabric on the sides like it was 1" x 2" when I was cutting it and to remedy it I added fabric there and put some patches eventually that is why you will notice it on the picture.

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