Thursday, September 08, 2016

3 September 2016

I made a lower priced "Colorful Patchwork bag" which featured in It was a difficult situation for me since it was Hubby who did the talking with our hairdresser since I don't converse so much in french, I may understand it but thats it. And so I came up with this bag, different fabrics come from my stash as always, interfacings are fusible fleece and fusible woven. Lining on front pocket is the usual beige burlap fabric which I fused it with a woven interfacing, same with the handle as well. I used green flowery fabric as my main lining and fused it with a fleece interfacing. Normally I would use soft&stable by annie as an interfacing/stabilizer but it is a bit pricey compare to a fleece interfacing and same for the squared fabrics I used previously which are precut fabrics from a quilting store at Stoffenspaktakle. I just hope that the one who bought it likes the fabric choices that I made. Thank you and keep on passing by.

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