29 July 2016

29 July 2016

Finally, I was able to finish a bag Tita Madre has been requesting. My Aunt requested to have a zipper, so there is a twist on this bag. I had to research on how to add zipper and that is a recessed zipper. I am always used to follow patterns every step of the way, and to alter it a little or much more is kind of challenging for me. Anyway, I was able to pull it off. A lot of changes that I made, well the usual folding of the edges of the faux leather and making it a little bit wider and then adding up one more link instead of a 5 links per line. I also elongate it in length and putting a different interfacing which is soft and stable by annie, lastly I added diamond shaped quilting stitches. In these pictures you will see two other bags I made previously, the one with white background faux leather is the very first one that I made with hard handle and it is ready to be ship as well.

Pattern is from www.gardenofdaisies.com of www.oregonpatchworks.com. Faux leather was bought at Les Chien Verts in Hognoul, burlap fabric at Feronstree fabric store, and soft & stable by annie at www.muikemies.be. 

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