19 February 2016

I took a few months membership at www.creativebug.com and most of the time I am always going for bag classes. And they have "each month you subscribe you earn 1 credit to save classes to your library - yours to keep forever, regardless of subscription status". One of the class I saved is the Travel Kit! A small and cute bag. I made this as a gift for my daughters' classmate. There is a hand sewing at the end of the bag construction which I am not good at :-( . I use the green fabric where I bought it from Stoffenspektakel 2 years ago, the bottom fabric which looks like a burlap fabric was bought at Rue Feronstree, as for the lining it's bought from Veritas long time ago. As for other materials like interfacing I use a woven and fleece interfacings plus zipper and cotton webbing handle. Anyway thanks for dropping by and do always visit! 

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