Monday, February 15, 2016

14 February 2016

A request from my eldest daughter - Blanche Barrel Bag, pattern from, it is in medium size. I didn't use metal bag accessories here, mainly ikea fabric and the lining from Veritas store I bought long time ago and also bag strap inside the ikea fabric strap to make it sturdier plus woven interfacing, soft and stable, zippers and pipings. First time to sew a barrel bag so it's a bit difficult to manipulate but as I said every sewn bags that I make its a learning lesson and I try to modify it according to my own comfortability in sewing. I cannot perfect it whenever I sew piping on bags, still have to sew more with pipings and zippers. I will sew a smaller version of Blanche Barrel Bag for my youngest daughter next time, I cut fabrics already so I should start soon - good thing I only have two daughters or else... After sewing one more I'm hoping I can make a difference on the third one and put it up on my shop, so do always watch out for that, ok? Thanks for passing by!


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