31 January 2017

27 January 2017

My bestfriend/cousin of mine requested some handmade bags for her. I made all for the first time. Packed it all nicely even put it all in a ziplock and shipped it the same day.

First is this "Rosie Crossbody bag" which was made December, pattern is from www.swoonpatterns.com

Next one are these "car seatbelt pillows" in two different sizes, or rather pillow cases still because cotton will be filled once my friend receives it. The white background fabric with drawing prints on it are the ones for the lining wherein you put the cotton in it and the black/pink flower print in it are the pillow cases both have zipper closures but for the pillow cases its an invisible zippers. I got the idea from www.sew4home.com/projects/pillows-cushions/cuddly-seatbelt-pillow for the longer pillow with pocket in it. As for the small ones it is in small dimension and just put one strap behind, no pocket. 

Third one are these pouches/clutches named The Caroline Clutch, pattern is from www.ithinksew.com. The embroidered name are just added after.

This one is a Meine Perfekte Reise-Kabeltasche/My Perfect Travel Cable Bag is a german website. Had to open it in chrome to have it translated in english. Embroidered name added afterwards.

This is a Japanese Knot Bag of Helen Heath. My bestfriend preferred a flat bottom and found this website. I embroidered first before I assembled everything.

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