Saturday, March 19, 2016

19 March 2016

Finally, I was able to finish my finest project -- "Linked in to Style Purse", pattern from of First time to use bag handles and machine embroidered links and I love the result of my bag. I may have done some seam ripping but the result is satisfying. To be honest it's hard to manipulate at the very end wherein I have to attach the lining from the outer bag and to do topstitching after. I use beige thread as a neutral color to match my lining. I modified in some parts like I added 1/4" in faux leather so that I will be able to fold it in and on top bands as well. I use faux leather for the machine embroidered links, bottom bag, upper bag bands and the bags connecting handles. It took me some time to really finish it because I was trying to think of a better way to close the bag up that is why you see the clips still attached here. I use decovil as my interfacing, outer fabric is a sort of burlap and whenever I use faux leather I always add this thin lining, it adds sophistication on the bag in this case its in blue plus dotted fabric underneath. And of course I will post this on shop, so watch out. Thank you for stopping by.


Jo Connolly said...

I just love it -- wonderful job!!!!

Eric Dodémont said...

Thank you, JoAnn! I love this pattern of yours and I will definitely make it again! -- Cindy

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